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Clients with less than $5,000,000 in assets and uncomplicated estate planning needs. They want to customize their estate plan to meet their specific needs and desires but don’t want to spend the time and money consulting with an attorney.

At Trust & Will, we’ve created estate plans for over 100,000 families and 55% of them are aged 34-55 years-old.

What type of Trusts do you offer and can they be customized?

We offer state-specific Revocable Living Trusts in all 50 states. Clients are able to customize and add specific provisions to their Trusts based on their unique needs. We take your clients through their Trust, Will, and Support Health Care documents question-by-question to add their needed level of customization.

Can my clients speak to an attorney through Trust & Will?

Yes! Through Trust & Will you can add attorney support to your product for $200 which will allow your clients to speak directly with an Attorney to provide any legal advice your client may seek. This option is currently available in certain states as we continue to expand this offering nationwide.

Where the Attorney Support product is not available, our documents are created and maintained by our expert estate planning legal team, but Trust & Will is not a law firm and can not provide legal advice.


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