about us



BENA provides a comprehensive platform that engages a business or businesses idea, then creating and/or enhancing an environment for success through generalized, specialized and technical education. The network and association components of BENA cater to businesses by creating, support, educate to efficient and profitable company platforms and cultures. Coaching via BENA’s accredited and education designation platform designs business planning, exit strategies, and compensatory structures ultimately developing an idea or existing business to a more efficient operating profitable plan. BENA’s passion is to network with all business sectors and profession through strength, expertise and experiences and while working with businesses and their executives, we will provide the tools to create maintain and efficiently grow and operate their business to higher efficiency and profits.

01. Strategic

Drive, transform and reframe the future and direction of your organization.

02. Professional

Being professional is about having strong skills and competence in your chosen field. There are certain obvious expectations that you would have the experience and qualifications to deliver your product or services.

03. Success

Inspect what you expect, success is driven based on implementation and execution of specific well thought out plans.

The Money ball concept, need we say more.


Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Ego and opinion lose when versus strategic implementation of scientific economic fact 7/24/365.

Studies show that businesses with a plan grow 30%, on average, faster than those without. Add an additional 20% more with a mentor, coach or study group.


Revenue Increase


W/ Mentor

What happens when you put three business owners in a room with Vastly different experiences, no commonality in business type, business size, revenue size, history, education and roots.

With a huge entrepreneurial spirit in each and a cross conversation in once in a wise that all their businesses have prospered from, and then a passion and drive to bring a success formula to the underserved business community, what do you have? The formation of BENAUSA.

With over 70 years combined of business owning, business starting, and the successful running of these operations on both the private and public sector, the think tank came to the realization that from a different angle, a different viewpoint each one wanted to bring that knowledge, history, passion and success by creating a formula easily followed, easily coached, to the small business and small business owner market hence we introduced into USA the first of its kind Business Education Network Association.